Can you Beat the Bin to Help a Child? A Challenge Brought to you by Sports961!

11 April. 2016 – Many children in Lebanon do not have the ability to access proper education, which is very sad as education is every child’s right! We have decided to take a stand on that matter, by organizing a challenge in many schools & universities and with all profits going to a charity in order to help teach a child!

The challenge is called “Beat the Bin”, and it consists of students shooting a ball from afar in order to get in inside a bin! This challenge will not be easy and many will fail at scoring, but will definitely succeed at making a child happier and helping him get education! Fees for participation are between 3000 L.L & 5000 L.L and the first school to host the challenge will be Apôtres Jounieh, on Wednesday April 13th!

The following banner will be present between the participant & the bin, and everyone who is going to take a shot will sign him or her name on it

Here is a video to get a better idea of the challenge: