Byblos Defeat Riyadi to Grab the Lebanese Super Cup Title!

19 Dec. 2015 – An amazing showdown took place today between Byblos and Al Riyadi Beirut in the Lebanese super cup, as the Lebanese cup champions were facing the Lebanese basketball league champions.

In that game, Byblos were missing 2 key players with Jay Youngblood and Joe Abi Khers out due to injury, but that did not stop them from winning their third title this season (2nd official one) by defeating the Lebanese champions 83-77.

Steven Burtt once again was the star player, leading his team throughout the game and especially in the crucial moments. Bassel Bawji was also one of the star players in Byblos as he was off to a great start giving his team a 10 points lead at the beginning of the game. But, Riyadi turned things around quickly especially with Ismael Ahmad and Amir Saoud entering the game. Ismael’s leadership brought the yellow team together, but their efforts were not enough to win.

Also, Riyadi’s latest addition Arnett Moultrie played for a couple of minutes but did not show the level expected from him. He might need more time to adapt to the team.