Bouchrieh Wins the 2014 Lebanese Volleyball Championship

Bouchrieh wins the 2014 Lebanese Volleyball title after defeating Zahra 3-0 in the final series. Hats off to Bouchrieh and Zahra for showing a great impression of Lebanese volleyball, providing the Lebanese audience with a final series full of excitement.

The match was tough for both teams but Bouchrieh took a minor advantage and nailed the first game at Tripoli 3-2! The scenario was the same in the 2nd game as Bouchrieh once again won the match 3-2. All of the volleyball lovers wanted to see more between the 2 teams! Zahra was expected to fight hard for the title and win the 3rd game but Bouchrieh players proved to be well-experienced and dominated the first 2 sets of the game, leaving Zahra with a hard time trying to come back and defend the title. Bouchrieh won the game 3-1 and was crowned Lebanese champion!

We are really happy to see Lebanese volleyball alive again as we have great teams with great players. Why not invest in such an interesting sport and make it grow?