Best Lebanese Athletics Performances since 2010

15 Sep. 2016 – “Records are made to be Broken”, this famous quote indicates that in order to improve the level of our sport, records must be broken.

We decided to check the evolution of athletics in the past 6 years, since 2010 to be exact. The new technologies, new federations, rising talents and environment, all have a role to play in the progression of Lebanese athletics.

If you check the table below, you will notice that 25 National Records in both the men’s and women’s Seniors categories were set out of 44 events,which is more than half of the events.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the women set 14 new records out of 25. Nine best performances were set in 2016. The Youngest athlete to figure among the best athletes since 2010 is Mira Ibrahim, who is an emerging talent in the throwing events at only 15 years old.


Best Achievements Since 2010
Event Achievement Athlete Club Date
100m 10.59 Mohamad Siraj Tamim Inter-Lebanon 2012
200m 21.50 Nour Hadid Army 2016
400m 48.08 Mohamad Siraj Tamim Inter-Lebanon 2013
800m 1:53.55 Khaled Dennaoui Army 2013
1500m 3:52.63 Khaled Dennaoui Army 2013
5000m 15:08.77 Hussein Awada Army 2011
10,000m 31:38.7h Hussein Awada Army 2011
Half Marathon  1:05.28 Hussein Awada Army 2010
Marathon 2:20:31 Hussein Awada Army 2010
110m Hurdles 14.06 Ahmad Hazer Champions 2011
400m Hurdles 52.95 Ali Hazer Champions 2014
3000m Steeplechase 9:45.00 Mohamad Ajamy Army 2012
Pole Vault 3.60 Ali Hazer Champions 2013
High Jump 2.16 Jean Claude Rabbath Inter-Lebanon 2012
Long Jump 7.10 Mohamad Traije Army 2012
Triple Jump 15.36 Patrick Hanna* Blue Stars 2015
Shot Put 18.00 Christopher Saikali Champville 2016
Hammer Throw 58.41 Abdallah Shaheen Inter-Lebanon 2013
Javelin Throw 61.57 Abdel Rahmad Hallani Army 2013
Discus Throw 45.94 Badri Obeid Army 2012
Decathlon 6799 Ali Hazer Champions 2013
20km Race Walking 1:35:20 Ali Ismail Inter-Lebanon 2012

*Patrick is no longer representing Lebanon, he decided to chose the Canadian Nationality and compete for Canada.

*The performances in Red are currently National Records

We should note that 5 of the best athletes in the men’s category and 6 in the women’s category already retired from sports or are not recently showing on the track or are competing in different events.


Best Achievements Since 2010
Event Achievement Athlete Club Date
100m 11.84 Gretta Taslakian Inter-Lebanon 2010
200m 23.90 Gretta Taslakian Inter-Lebanon 2010
400m 53.43 Gretta Taslakian Inter-Lebanon 2013
800m 2:11.49 Saria Traboulsi Inter-Lebanon 2013
1500m 4:37.39 Nadia Dagher Champions 2016
5000m 17:07.99 Maria Pia Nehme Inter-Lebanon 2015
10,000m 36:55.42 Maria Pia Nehme Inter-Lebanon 2015
Half Marathon  1:17:00 Chirine Njeim Champville 2016
Marathon 2:44:19 Chirine Njeim Champville 2016
100m Hurdles 15.34 Krystel Saneh Champville 2016
400m Hurdles 1:10.19 Laura Saliba Blue Stars 2011
3000m Steeplechase 11:53.87 Hoda Awadi Ansar 2011
Pole Vault 2.10 Jana Majed Ansar 2010
High Jump 1.65 Samantha Saikali Champville 2016
Long Jump 5.66 Krystel Saneh Champville 2013
Triple Jump 11.58 Krystel Saneh Champville 2013
Shot Put 10.99 Leila Karhani Inter-Lebanon 2011
Hammer Throw 23.55 Mira Ibrahim Champville 2016
Javelin Throw 39.31 Janette Said Inter-Lebanon 2012
Discus Throw 29.02 Mira Ibrahim Champville 2016
Heptathlon 4035 Krystel Saneh Champville 2013
20km Race Walking 2:09:54 Sandy Karam Champville 2015


2016 season will officially be done after the Half Marathon Championship that will be held this Sunday in Jounieh, but some clubs might organize additional meetings especially for the young athletes who will change categories. Some people see it as another chance for breaking records, and others think that the records, especially in the younger categories, are not that important, and that they add more stress on the young athlete.

The elections of the new federation are coming up soon, so we hope that the new leaders will help improve the level of Athletics in Lebanon.