Best 10 Lebanese Athletics Performances in Shot Put Since 2010

07 Oct. 2016 – Some track and field events are kept in the dark in our country. The athletes have vey few opportunities to compete in some events while the focus goes to running and jumping. It is time to put the light on the Throwing events.

Today, we will only see the best 10 athletics performances since 2010 in the Shot Put. An event which involves a lot of strength and technique. It is crucial in this event to throw with all your body like if the strength is going from the legs up to the body and finally to the fingers.

The Lebanese Army athlete, Badri Obeid, dominated this event in the men’s category for a very long time. Same thing with Leila Karhani who competed for Champville then moved to Inter-Lebanon before retiring in 2012.

The efforts of these two athletes helped raise the bar for our athletes. Bari Obeid was the National record holder with 17.16 meters before Christopher Saikalis 22, a young rising talent in this event comes from the states to break the 17m barrier and throw an 18.00m mark that is unbeatable today by our athletes.

Leila, on the other hand, still holds the National record with 12.39m. A record that stood for 14 years now! No woman was able to throw beyond 11 meters since then. Only Fatima Dandan was able to throw over 10m.

After her retirement, the winner of the Lebanese Championship or the best performer of the year were all under 10m. We put our hopes on the young generation with Nathalie Bejjani (CSJ) who threw a personal best of 9.28m this season in the women’s category and Jean Claude Abou Faycal (Champions) the Youth record holder in the event.

Best 10 Performances in Shot Put Since 2010
Shot Put Men
Rank Perf. Athlete Club Year
1 18.00 Christopher Saikalis  Champville 2016
2 17.51 Christopher Saikalis  Champville 2016
3 17.16 Badri Obeid Army 2012
4 17.00 Badri Obeid Army 2013
5 16.94 Badri Obeid Army 2012
6 16.94 Badri Obeid Army 2013
7 16.74 Badri Obeid Army 2013
8 16.63 Badri Obeid Army 2012
9 16.60 Badri Obeid Army 2012
10 16.52 Badri Obeid Army 2012


Best 10 Performances in Shot Put Since 2010
Shot Put Women
Rank Perf. Athlete Club Year
1 11.44 Leila Karhani Inter-Lebanon 2010
2 11.29 Leila Karhani Inter-Lebanon 2010
2 11.29 Leila Karhani Inter-Lebanon 2011
3 10.99 Leila Karhani Inter-Lebanon 2011
4 10.15 Fatima Dandan Inter-Lebanon 2011
5 9.85 Sara Bechara Champville 2013
6 9.81 Fatima Dandan Inter-Lebanon 2012
7 9.77 Fatima Dandan Inter-Lebanon 2010
8 9.52 Fatima Dandan Champions 2016
9 9.48 Sara Bechara Champville 2012
9 9.48 Fatima Dandan Inter-Lebanon 2012
10 9.37 Karine Nagy Inter-Lebanon 2012

if we take a closer look at the current clubs in Lebanon, we see that in the majority of the clubs there is one or two coaches for all the events.

There are some coaches and former throwers like Naji Hammoud who really focus on throwing, but there are also some great champions and coaches who are not given the opportunity to give their knowledge to the younger generation like Janet Ayoub.

It is also the responsibility of the clubs and federation to include different throwing events in the schedule of the small meetings.

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