BESGB: High School Amity Tournament starts this weekend

03 Dec. 2014- The High School Amity Tournament starts this weekend, all the schools are preparing their teams to grab the titles especially BESGB teams under the supervision of Mr. Elie Karam director of athletics department at BESGB as the tournament will be held on their courts.

Here’s a message from BESGB team captain Alec Keusseyan to all BESGB supporters:

Fellow BESGB students, it would be much appreciated if you could attend our game and support out team this weekend. our team has been going through a lot of hardwork to hopefully land a spot in the finals. I, team captain, am positive that my team is able and is committed enough to win the tournament, however this is a game, survival of the fittest. We are BESGB and our expectations are high. I think the best team at the moment is val Pére Jack they have been unstoppable lately.. But this is football and it depends on who plays better that day. With effort and hardwork any team can reach the Final

Join us this Saturday to support your school’s teams.