BESGB Amity Tournament 2015 schedule

01 Dec. 2015 – BESGB sports department is organizing its second Amity tournament that will be held on December 5 and 6 for Basketball competition, 12 and 13 for Futsal competition at the BESGB fitness center.

The schools participating are:
. Sagess High School
. Jesus & Mary
. ST Joseph School
. Apotres-Jounieh
. Val pere jaque
. St George’s zalka
. Broumana High School
. St Coeur Siuofi
. Louize Evangelical School
. Beirut Evangelical School Rabiye

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Here is a message from BESGB’s futsal team captain Alec Kusseyan:

“Fellow BESGB family, I would like to begin by thanking our honorable principal Mr. Samer Al Jamal and beloved head of section Mrs Antoinette Nasr for having faith and always supporting us in the most difficult situations. As captain of the futsal team, I am confident that my team is capable of achieving monumental results. And that, due to the immense motivation and guidance that we consistently receive from our leader and irreplaceable head of sports department, Mr. Elie Karam. I also cannot forget our most powerful weapon, coach Charbel Hamod who has had a great impact on the team. Without him, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Last, but not least, I would like to address my teammates who have been working hard. We are one, our goal is one. We will succeed as a team and make our school proud!”