Beirut Unisports Festival 6th edition results!

24 Mar. 2015- USJ proved once again their ability to organize sports events on a high standards. Maroun Khoury’s team was ready once again and for the 6th time to make Beirut Unisports a unique festival where all the participating teams and athletes enjoy a unique experience.

The participating universities form different countries were competing in 8 different sports (handball, futsal, volleyball, basketball, swimming, cross country, tennis and table tennis), the championships was held in 3 days and divided into gender categories.

The results came as following:

Handball Men: USJ won the title for the really first time in the team’s history.
Futsal Men: USEK secured this year’s title after a big dominance for the Lebanese universities teams.
Futsal Women: The futsal women’s final was more than amazing, USJ girls defeated AUB 1-0 in the final to clinch the title.
Volleyball Men: USEK players hit once again and grab another title after defeating USJ in the finals.
Volleyball Women: The championship title was really close between USJ and AUD and the Lebanese Universities champion hardly wins the title.
Basketball Men: The title was easily secured by the Russian & European champion, USJ graduates came 2nd.
Basketball Women: The USEK basketball women team, once again dominated this championship after defeating USJ(Graduates) in a final full of excitement.

As for the individual games, Kim Saade from LAU won the women tennis tournament and Nour Nehme from AUD won the men tennis tournament. Laura Fallaha was the fastest in the cross country, just 1 sec faster than Joelle Feghali, on the other hand Hussein Zayat from LIU was the fastest in the men’s cross country.
Up next was the table tennis tournament where Antonine university dominated the 2 categories through its players Habib Antoun and Florianne El Murr. As for the swimming, AUB, LAU (Byblos & Beirut), USJ and USEK athletes did a great job.

Finally the awards were distributed by the general secretary of USJ Fouad Maroun and USJ’s sports ambassador Nadim Souaid.