Beach Soccer Bank Of Beirut League results

03 Aug. 2015 – The first two days of the Beach Soccer BOB League ended with Saidoun at the top of their group and the Lebanese Army sharing the first place of their group with Regie.

On day one, the General Security faced Beirut team and dominated the game with their 3-1 strategy, while Beirut counted on Ali FAYAD and Moustapha CHAHINE in the offense. The game ended in 7 – 5 for the General Security who scored two goals in the last 3 minutes of the game!

Ahmad HOAYLI scored two goals for the General Security while his teammates; Ali CHEIB, Hussein SALEH, Mohamad KADRI, Hussein YOUNES and Raed SALEH scored one goal each. For the Beirut team, Moustapha CHAHINE scored two goals while Ali FAYAD, Ibrahim ABOU JABAL and Mohamad RAAD scored one goal each.

“The game was very close! We had some issues in our defense which we are going to work on. The second problem was the lack of replacement players; the Racing club didn’t allow some of the players to play with us. We paid the price of our late preparations but we are going to work on our weakness in the next games.” Said Samer CHAHADA, the captain of Beirut Team.

The second game was between Regie and Chabeb Al Khyem. Haytham FATTAL (Regie) opened the score in the first second of the game. The zone defense didn’t help Chabeb Al Khyem who lost in 4 – 11.

Haytham FATTAL scored four goals for Al Ragy, Mohamad HALAOUI and Moustapha AL ZEIN scored three goals each, Mohamad MERHI scored one goal only. While for Chabeb Al Khyem, Hussein AL KHANSA scored three goals on his own and his teammate Mohamad ABEDELSATTAR scored one goal only.

“It was a good game, Chabeb AL Khyem didn’t make it easy for us to win, but our players’ experience ended the game in our favor. This match was a message for our opponents to let them know that we are ready to maintain our title!”. Said the captain Hussein SALAME.

 On day two, Saidoun won over Freedom Saida in 7 – 4. They first adapted the 2-2 tactic before changing it to 3-1 in the second quarter which ended in 5-1 for Saidoun. Freedom Saida got back on the track to score 3 additional goals before Ali NASREDDIN from Saidoun ends the game in a long shot goal. Saidoun ends up first in their group with 3 points.

In the next game, the Lebanese Army won over the Fire Regiment in 6-3. For the Lebanese Army, Mohamad CHAKR and Mohamad AL HARAKA scored two goals each, while Sameh JALAL and Abbas ZEINEDDIN scored one goal each. For the Fire Regiment Beirut, Mohamad AL ZEIN scored two goals and Walhan KAKOUR scored one goal. The Lebanese Army now shares the first place of the group with AL Ragy.