Barcelona vs Real Madrid Clasico of Legends – Brief Overview

29 Apr. 2017 – Camille Chamoun Sports City hosted one of the most important games to ever take place in Lebanon: the Clasico of Legends between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

The game kicked off at around 9 after presenting the squad of both teams. Barcelona scored the opener and managed to win the game 3-2. It’s true that this was a friendly game, but it’s heartwarming to see Lebanese fans united in one stadium, with no brawls to interrupt the game.

It is always a huge exposure for Lebanon to host big names such as Ronaldinho, Abidal, Anelka, Morientes, and it is a great step for the future because we all know that many elite players have problems coming to Lebanon due to security reasons.

This is the image we want to give of our country, looking forward to many other big events.