Bank of Beirut Defeat Mayadeen to Win Lebanese Futsal Championship

27.Jan 2015 – In one of the greatest futsal finals ever in Lebanon, Bank of Beirut were able to defend their crown and remain Lebanese futsal champions, after defeating Al Mayadeen 3-2 in the final series.

The 5th and final game of the series, ended 5-3 in favor of BoB, who were able to take advantage of Mayadeen’s defensive liabilities to kill the game.

The first half of the game ended 3-1, but in the 2nd half Al Mayadeen, led by their Colombian star Angellot were able to get back to the game, but conceded a goal in the final second while trying to get the equalizer with a power player.

Nevertheless, both teams gave the fans a final to remember, and the title could’ve went either way, but it was BoB who won at the end.

On the other hand, Kassem Koussan won the best futsal player of the year, while his teammate in Mayadeen, Angellot, was named MVP of the final.