Aziza SBEITY and Mohamad HANNOUD set new records in Istanbul!

07 Mar. 2016Aziza SBEITY and Mohamad HANNOUF were part of the 5 athletes who took part at the Istanbul Indoor Meeting that was held today and the day before in Turkey.

The team, formed by the two athletes and Joy ABOUSLEIMAN, Ramzi NAIM and Abed AL RAYYES, achieved great results in general, but SBEITY and HANNOUF were the only two to set new personal bests and new National indoor records.

Aziza SBEITY (CSJ) who ran the 60m yesterday in 7.71 seconds, came second in the 200 meters today and set a new 200m record of 25.80 seconds! Aziza ran the distance in an amazing 25.15 seconds! It is almost her outdoor personal best, which proves that she will be doing amazingly good in the outdoor season!

[NAIM, RAYYES and SBEITY on the podium in the 60 meters in Istanbul!]

Moreover, Mohamad HANNOUF (Champions), who disappeared for a while from the scene, was training in silence and showed up at the AUB meeting a month ago to set a new personal best on 400 meters. Today, he improved his National record on the 800meters clocking a superb 1:57.37!

We are really glad to see HANNOUF back on his top level! This is due to Ramzi NAIM’s support who’s been coaching him for the past 8 weeks. This was his first participation in 3 years and his first indoor participation in 5 years! To be able to run 1.57 on 800 meters is really something!

On the other hand, Joy ABOUSLEIMAN managed to take third place after 5 fouls in the Long Jump. Ramzi NAIM also won the 200 meters and clocked 22.98 seconds while Abed finished 4th in 24.26 seconds.

The indoor season is officially done. Aziza SBEITY will now turn her eyes toward Portland where the IAAF World Indoor Championships will be held on March 17, 2016.