AYC Futsal Schools Tournament Results for Day 1

26 Nov. 2017 – The AYC Futsal Schools Tournament kicked off today with 8 teams competing in 2 different categories. (4 in each category).

The first category was the 1999/2000 and there results came as follows:

  • Wellspring 3-2 GBES
  • CSC 5 – 0 GBES
  • Wellspring 2-3 Sagesse
  • Sagesse 5-2 GBES
  • Wellspring 2-9 CSC
  • Sagesse 7-9 CSC

The final of this category will take place tomorrow at 3:30PM where Sagesse will face CSC

The second category was 2002/2003-2003/2004 and the results were the following:

  • Immaculée 6-7 Wellspring
  • Elite 11-0 GBES

The first semi final will be played between Wellspring and GBES tomorrow at noon. Elite and Immaculée will face each other in the second semi final tomorrow at 1:00 PM. There will be no rest for the wicked as the winners of semi final 1 and semi final 2 will play the final game the same day at 2:30 PM.