Athletics team to competing in Istanbul Indoor Meeting!

06 Mar. 2016 – Five of our of Lebanese athletes are competing in Istanbul Indoor Meeting. Aziza SBEITY and Joy ABOUSEIMAN from Jamhour, Ramzi NAIM, Mohamad HANNOUF and Abed AL RAYYEs from the Champions.

Today, Ramzi, Abed and Aziza will be running the 60 meters while Mohamad will be running the 800 meters tomorrow and Joy will be doing the Long Jump. This may be the last indoors for our athletes except Aziza SBEITY who will take part in the World Indoor Championship two weeks from now.

Ramzi, Aziza and Abed will also run the 200 meters tomorrow.

This will be the third consecutive World Championship Indoor and Out for Aziza SBEITY! “In World Championships, I always go mentally prepared because I understand that I am competing with people on a whole other level,” she said.

“I always go with one thing in mind: You have absolutely NOTHING to lose so just do you best! The level of excitement I have in these championships is crazy because of the energy I feel… It’s amazing taking in the energetic vibes from the world’s best athletes. It usually motivates me so much!”

The IAAF World Indoor Championship will be held in Portland, United States, on the 17th of March, and will feature the best athletes in the world! Aziza will be our only Lebanese representative in this championship.

Now we wish them all, all the best during the Istanbul meet!