ATCL to host ITF’s F1 & F2 Futures on the 1st of June!

26 May. 2015- ATCL will host the F1 & F2 Futures Tennis Championship starting from the 1st of June! More than 40 players are expected to participate in the F1 & F2 futures tournament.

On the International level the world ranked 330 German player Richard Beker, Slovenian Adrian Sikora ranked 342 in the world and Sam Barry ranked 356 from Ireland and others confirmed their participation in this tournament.

On the local level, Lebanese players like Ibrahim Bou Chahine, Giovanni Samaha, Karim Alaili and other players will take part of this event. Unfortunately Bassam Beidas will miss these 2 tournaments due to injury.

The tournament’s draw will be done on the 29th, 30th and 31st of May at ATCL.