ATCL 3rd Speed Test

11 Aug. 2015 – ATCL organized the 3rd speed test where Abdo FEGHALI won the title in the Professional Category with his Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 and Chady ABOU ASSI won the Amateur Category with his Golf and Xavier MASSAAD won the Supper Series with his Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 7.

This race was the third stage of the 2015 Lebanese Championship. They all did two rounds in front of a large public who was present despite the hot weather, where they picked the best time after the two rounds before announcing the results.

The competition was extremely exciting between FEGHALI and MASAAD who fought hard during the race that ended in FEGHALI’s favor with seconds of difference.

In the Professionals Front Wheel category, Elias AL DAHNI won with his Peugeot 206. He also won the trophy of the RC 4. Serge AKIKI with his Renault Clio RS won the RC 3. While in the mateur category, Khalil ITANI won in the Rear wheel with his Subaru and Chady ABOU ASSI won the Front wheel.

Ghada CHEBLI with her Hundai I10 won the Women’s category and the L1 title. Antoine SALEM with his Suzuki Swift won the L2 and Chady ABOU ASSI won the L3.

In the Supper Series, Rony ASMAR won the rear wheel with his BMW 135E while Nour NASSEREDDIN with his Renault Megan won the Front wheel category.

2-shady abou asi

Chady Abou Assi

>>> Results:


  1. Abdo Feghali (Mitsubishi Lancer): 1:19.84
  2. Paul Kossaifi (Mitsubishi Lancer): 1:22.41
  3. Carlos Chamoun (Mitsubishi Lancer): 1:23.64



  1. Chabi Abou Assi (Golf): 1:24.12
  2. Charbel Ghanem (Renault Clio RS): 1:25.54
  3. Judy Feghali (renault Clio RS): 1:28.66

    3-xavier massaad

    Xavier Massaad

Super Series:

  1. Xavier Massaad (Mitsubushi Lancer): 1:21.35
  2. Chady Akl (Mitsubishi Lancer): 1:23.16
  3. Mohamad Basbous (Subaru Impreza): 1:25.29

Club Rino Sport Lebanon Cup:

  1. Charbel Ghanem (Renault Clio RS): 1:25.54
  2. Nour Nasseredine (Renault Megan RS): 1:27.04
  3. Karim Mansour (Renault Megan RS): 1:27.26