Army Pistol Shooting Competition at Eagle Club

03 Aug. 2015 – On the occasion of the 70th Army day, the Eagle club president Al Hajj Hussnein Moklad organized the first army pistol shooting championship in collaboration with the Lebanese shooting & hunting federation.

The competition took place in the Eagle club field, inside Camille Chamoun’s sports city.

Here are the results of the competition:

Lebanese Army:
01. Elias Karam
02. Mohamed Hamieh
03. Karim Hachem

Internal Security Forces (Men):
01. Fadi Elias
02. Botros Saade
03. Mohamed Abboud

Internal Security Forces (Women):
01. Liliane Damac
02. Khouloud Hijazi
03. Khouloud Al Chahimi

State Security: 
01. Georges Kayrouz
02. Tarek Ghzeiri
03. Haytham Abou Chacra

Public Security:
01. Elie Khoury
02. Antoine Bou Akr
03. Patrick Botros

Customs terms:
01. Nidal Diab
02. Rayan Charif
03. Hassan Daher