Anwar vs Antranik in the finals of the 2nd Division Women’s Basketball Championship!

19 Jul. 2016 – Anwar and Antranik made it to the finals of the 2nd division women’s basketball championship! In their first game on Monday in AGBU, Antranik defeated Anwar in 57-48 points!

In the semi finals, Antranik were able to defeat Homenetmen Bourj Hammoud in two games; winning the first one in 58-53, and the second one in 53-44 to secure a place in the finals. On the other hand, Anwar defeated Aintoura in 51-47 and 47-33 in two consecutive games.

The second game of the finals will be held tomorrow in AGBU at 8:30 PM! Don’t miss this game because it may be the last if Antranik wins, but if Anwar are able to pick up and defeat Antranik then a third game will be scheduled on the 22nd of July!

Let the best team win!