Antonins Sports Academy School – Baabda

10 Sep. 2015 – The foundation of the “Sports Academy School” (technical baccalaureate in physical education and sports) lead the students to the acquisition of a technical baccalaureate degree as well as training in the following disciplines: Physical Conditioner, Athletics coach, Basketball coach, Volleyball coach, Football coach, Handball coach, Martial Arts coach, Dancing coach and Tennis coach.

The 2015-2016 courses will be given at the School Antonine Institute (Baabda) where it is expected that this certificate will attract a large number of students with a Brevet certificate and who aim to work in the athletic field. If they successfully accomplish this degree, they will be certified a degree in Sports and Physical Education that will allow them to enter any university to pursue their education in Physical Education, Physiotherapy and Nutrition.

The purpose of the diploma is to have a complete and diversified training on both the Scientific level and the Technological one, in order to give students the best opportunities to get into the field of sports specializations. The training aims to prepare experts able to design and provide lessons and training in the field of sports and supervision of physical and sports activities. The training also aims to offer theoretical and practical knowledge that will allow them to get a clear overview of the various modern sports.

This program aims to fill the posts of coaches and sports administrators in multiple functions including: group training or entertainment, sports education, improve the athletes’ skills and their training, training and supervise the coaches, designing and coordinating sports programs, management of sporting events, management of clubs and organizing the main events.

This program features educational background and advanced sports level and allows access to higher education in Physical and Sports education.

The registration is held at the headquarters of Antoni Institute (Baabda) and continues until 30 September.
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