Antonine Baabda Launch their Basketball Team

04 Nov.2016Antonine Baabda launched their team earlier on today at the university’s main campus in Baabda in the presence of Father Germanos Germanos, president of the university, newly appointed head coach Ghassan Sarkis and some of the university’s head of departments.

Father Germanos insisted in his opening speech on maintaining an athletic spirit during the much anticipated season while having a sense of tolerance towards others to live at peace in one country.

While coach Sarkis’ speech was more sport oriented, he started by thanking the club’s  management for the chance to lead this talented team towards victory and continued by underlining the vital effect of upcoming talents that he will personally work with and allow them the chance to shine.

Many new faces have been added to the team’s arsenal, most notably veteran point guard Karl Sarkis who would arguably be the team’s leader.

Under the basket, Toni Serhan former Red Bull King of the Rock will be assisted by the talented Julien Khawaja in protecting the rim and grabbing those vital rebounds.

On the wings, coach Sarkis will have a lot of options having former Sagesse players Mark Abi Khers and Georges Choueiry and lock-down defender and shooter Imad Saade. Not to forget former Anibal Zahle player and high-fligher  Simon Daoud.

One upcoming talent to keep an eye on in this team is Mohamed Al Khatib who is promising a lot of good things.

The team’s roster is complete with the acquisition of Charles Kassouf, Mike Haddad, Nabil Kabalan and Hassan Ballout who under coach Sarkis will definitely have some valuable minutes.

We wish all the teams and players an injury free season and best of luck.

Article by : Natalio Chelala