Antoine Ghorayeb Basketball Tournament Results

30 Dec.2016– Hoops club organized the 4th annual Antoine Ghorayeb basketball tournament in Michel El Mur stadium with 13 teams participating and over 450 players.

The results were as following:

2005-2006 category: Hoops Beirut defeated Riyadi in the final (44-23) with Wael Sleiman scoring a game high 24 points.


2003-2004 category: Energy Zouk came out victorious against Hoops Hazmieh with a score of 61-42 with Joseph Abou Samra leading the way with 23 points and the W.

2001-2002 category: Hoops Hazmieh got the gold after defeating Energy Zouk 73-42. Their best scorer was Moussa Sbeity with 23 points.

1999-2000 category: Kahraba Zouk clinched the win against Champville Dik El Mehdi in a close game 76-72 with Jad Nemer having a game high 25 points for the champions.

4 players shared best scorer award, Jad Nemer(Kahraba), Moussa Sbeity(Hoops), Youssef Khayat(Riyadi), Wael Sleiman(Hoops). Best rebounder went to Aref Athman(Riyadi), Karl Kozah(Energy), Jad Azzam(Hoops), Christoph Khalil(Kahraba).

Best assisters were Karim Ouaydat(Hoops), Joseph Abi Samra(Energy), Janis Halabi(Hoops), Jad Nemer(Kahraba). MVPs of the tournament went to Wael Sleiman(Hoops), Karl Kozah(Energy), Moussa Sbeity(Hoops), Jad Nemer(Kahraba). Joe Kazzi(Hoops) got best sportsmanship award.

After the games ended, trophies and medals were presented. In a great gesture, Boulos Bshara was honored, between many others, for the many years he spent playing the game and for his sportsmanship throughout this time.