Antoine Ghorayeb 4th Basketball Tournament Round 1 Results

01 Dec. 2016 – Hoops are organizing their 4th annual Basketball tournament named after their passing player Antoine Ghorayeb. It is taking place in Michel El Murr, Baouchriyeh, Hoops Beirut and Hoops Hazmiyeh.

The tournament, which ends on December 18th, includes different age categories for men: 2005-2006, 2004-2003, 2002-2001 and 1999-2000.

The results of the first round came as follows:

Category 2001-2002: Al Riyadi Beirut won over Hoops Beirut 63-59. The best scorer of the game was Had Awkar with 33 points! Energy Zouk defeated Mouttahed Tripoli 69-23. The best scorer in this game was Rodolphe Saade who scored 24 points.

Category 2003-2004: Al Kahraba Zouk won over Nohad Nawfal Centre 47-27 with Albert Fakhri who scoring 24 points on his own. On the other hand, Nadim Said Academy defeated Hoops Beirut by only 2 points. The game ended 49-47 with Rudy Hajj as the best scorer from the winning team with 18 points.

Category 1999-2000: Al Kahraba Zouk won over riyadh Beirut by only three points but with a score that broke 100 point mark! Kahraba won with 105 points while their player Salim Ala’Eddine scored 44 points to be named the best scorer of the game. Riyadi Byblos defeated Hoops mate in 72-45. Toufic Sakr was the best scorer with 33 points.