Annemarie Abdulkarim third annual women basketball tournament

Anne Marie Abdel Karim third women basketball tournament organized by Hoops in the memory of Annemarie who passed away in the building crash in Achrafieh, has been inaugurated at Michel El Murr stadium and Hoops Hazmieh, and is sponsored by ‘‘Talal El MAKDESSI foundation’’. The tournament contains age groups, notably girls born in 1996-1997-1998-1999-2000-2001.

The participating teams are Riyadi, Champville, Mouttahed, Spact, Chiyeh, Sainte Famille Jounieh and Choueifat international school. Many  figures were present, like Dr.Talal el Makdessi, Jasem Kanso, Ziad Abs, Annemarie’s father, as well as many families supporting their kids.

After words from Dr. Talal who announced that the semi finals and final are going to be broadcasted on Tele Liban, and words from Jasem Kanso, as well as basketball shows from the Hoops academy players, the games began.

The first results came as following:


Hoops 49-28 Chiyeh
Riyadi 52-32 Sainte Famille Jounieh


Choueifat international school 44-8 Chiyeh
Hoops 64-16 Chiyeh


Spact 41-20 Chiyeh
Hoops 34-25 Choueifat international school