Angy SALEH breaks the Long Jump Midget Record in Athletics!

26 Jun. 2016 – The Champions club organized a meeting at Camile Chamoun Sports City in preparation for the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games!

The outstanding performance of this meeting was undoubtedly the record performance of Angy SALEH from Ansar. The young and talented girl started Long Jump at the age of 9. I still remember she was small and used to compete with the 12 years old and sometimes defeat them!

Earlier this year, she jumped really good performances and was very close to break my Midget record of 5.07 meters. Yesterday, at the Champion’s meeting, she jumped 5.09 meters to finally break my record set back in 2009.

“Records are made to be broken”, which means that we always need young people to break our records in order to see our country improving. It is sometimes sad to see that some records are still standing for more than 15 years!

Angy is a super motivated young girl who will not stop here and will try to improve this mark again! Watch her at the National in mid July and on the 28th of July to see what she has to deliver.

On the other hand, Gretta TASLAKIAN (Inter-Lebanon) did her second appearance at the Lebanese competitions this year, focusing on the 400 meters race. In a previous interview with the most decorated woman in athletics, she mentioned that she will come back with one objective: Try to win a gold medal in the 400m at the Asian championship. Gretta ran the distance in 55.17 seconds improving race after race!

Finally, Sara Joe KORTBAWI (Champville) set an amazing performance of 2:16.96 on 800 meters, the best performance she achieved in Lebanon so far, and Mohamad HANNOUF (Champions) won his 800 meters race in 1:56.81!

Congrats to all the athletes!

Krystel Saneh