Aline NASRALLAH USEK Sporting Championship!

08 Dec. 2015 – USEK in Zahle and Bekaa organized a Sporting event in the name of the student Aline NASRALLAH in the following disciplines: Streetball Basketball, Mini Football and Table Tennis.

The championship was held in the presence of the dean Pere Michel ABOU TAKKA, the Assistant-director Pere Moussa AKIKI, the president of the Sports department Fouad SALIBA and the parents of the passing Aline NASRALLAH with also the presence of the Administrative, the student and the education committees.

The event started with the National Anthem followed by a word from Pere ABOU TAKKA who pointed the importance of sports on a personal level especially that it empowers a person’s personality and confidence, he also added that sports help grow a team spirit within the society. He finally thanked everyone who contributed in this event especially the family of Aline.

A large number of students took part in this event, forming various teams, and the results came as follows: In the streetball basketball, Joseph GHANEM, Anthonio NAKHLE and Elias NAJJAR teamed-up to win this event! While, on the other hand, Florian ABOU FAYCAL, Ali JABBAOUI, Chaalan SKAF, Hassan SEFR, Mario HALLAK, Rida HALBAOUI and Ahmad Yazbeck joined forces to win the Mini Football!

Moreover, in the table tennis event, Maria ABI SAFI won the women’s category while Ahmad KIDARI won the men’s!

The coaches Dani AMOUS, Andre HADDAD and Dori FAKHRI supported the teams and supervised the championship.