Ali Haidar Thunderstuck to See Sagesse & Riyadi Fans Unite

24 Feb. 2017- As Riyadi easily overcome Sagesse in the Dubai Tournament, Ali Haidar was astonished to see how fans of both teams behaved in Dubai.

Saying that he was bolt out of the blue would be an understatement, as the Riyadi ( insert his position) shared a message expressing his surprise.

“I want to take a moment and talk about the Riyadi and Sagesse fans here in Dubai. Wow wow wow. Amazing fans and could not believe my eyes after the game when all of us stood one hand one clap regardlesa of the score. What an amazing feeling. I hope to see that in Lebanon soon. Great fight Sagesse and hard luck. And big thank you for my team for the outstanding effort. Great job guys. One more, hopefully.” Haidar wrote on his Facebook page after the game.

We hope to see the same level of good manner and sportsmanship among the Lebanese supporters of all teams.

Hard luck for Sagesse and best of luck for Riyadi in their final game!