A steamy competitive game between ESGB and Saint Coeur

25 Jan. 2016 – A steamy competitive basketball game took place at Ecole Saint Georges Bsalim’s court where the men’s team faced Saint Coeur-Jdaydeh.

As the match started, both teams put their best in the game; however, the visitor’s team managed to win by a small difference of 4 points.

The home-team performance was at its best, despite the absence of some key players. ESGB’s captain Georges Hajj Moussa managed to score 18 points and did 8 crucial assists to help his teammates raise the score. In his turn, Jean-Pierre Valvayan scored 6 points and did 2 block shots; whereas Michel Sallit scored 6 points and did 1 assist.

The team’s constant improvement is credited to the amazing effort of the coach Marwan Ego, who is always boosting the team’s physical and mental abilities, by excessive and highly productive training.

Student Specialist: Joanna Taoum