8 runners to run 252 Km as support to Heart Beat!

12 May. 2015- 8 runners are preparing to run a 252 Km in the period between 9 & 14 June where they will pass by all the Lebanese province in a sports & mankind mission. The runners Ali Kadami, Imad Ladkani, Georges Hwayek, Khodr Badran, Jihad Achkar, Mark Jebran, Mohamad Marhamo and Rabih Farsoun had already ran 210 Km last year as a support to the Children Cancer Center. This year, they will run to support “Heart Beat”.

The run will be divided to 6 days (42.2 Km per day) and it will start from Nabatiye and continue to pass by Bekaa, North, Akar, Mount Lebanon and the arrival point will be Zeitouna Bay – Beirut.

 We would like to wish the runners a journey full of success.