8 medals for Lebanon in the 2014 Phuket Asian Beach Games!

25 Nov. 2014-  The 2014 Phuket Asian Beach Games came to an end. Lebanon was represented by 18 athletes who competed in Kurash, Ju-jitsu, Sambo, WaterSky, Muaythai, Triathlon and Beach Volleyball.

Before stating our athletes’ achievement in Phuket, we will have a fast look on the participation history of Lebanon in the Asian Beach Games.

The 1st Asian Games was held in Bali, Indonesia in 2008. 41 Asian countries participated in this event and was competing in 19 different sports. Unfortunately Lebanese athletes back then couldn’t secure any medal.

2 years later in 2010, Lebanon was represented by 16 athletes in the 2nd Asian Beach Games that was held in Oman. In this edition of the games Lebanon got his 1st medal and it was a bronze medal and was ranked 23rd out of 43 participating country.

The 3rd Asian Beach Games was held in Haiyang, China and Lebanon was represented by 10 athletes. 13 games were included in these games and unfortunately Lebanon couldn’t secure any medal in this edition.

Only 1 medal for Lebanon in the first 3 editions of the Asian Beach Games, that explain why this year participation in Asian Beach Games was successful. Lebanon grabbed 8 medals (2 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze) in the 4th Asian Beach Games securing the 17th place.

Gold medals won by:

Silver medals won by:

Bronze medals won by:

  • Nacif Elias (Ju-jitsu)
  • Rima Sawah (Muaythai)
  • Kassem El Khatib (Muaythai)

Great results by the Lebanese athletes, our beach volleyball teams couldn’t match the competition level losing 4 matches and winning 2 and Youssef Nader also wasn’t able to match the high level of Duathlon. We could’ve won more medals through our beach soccer team but unfortunately a surprising decision from the federation cancelled our national team participation.