7th Beirut Unisports Festival 2016 – Results

22 Mar. 2016 – The Athletics department at Université Saint-Joseph organized its seventh edition of Beirut Unisports Festival 2016, an international inter-university tournament that was held from March 17th to March 20th, 2016.

Students from around the world are participating in this event. They will not only compete in different sports but the event’s organizers prepared a more interesting schedule: Visit of  Lebanon’s tourist sites (Byblos/Jeita Grotto/Faqra/Beit Eddine), Beirut Unisports Festival Party” and more fun.

>>> Results:

Cheerleading Competition 

1st – LAU

2nd – USJ

3rd – AUST


Women’s Volleyball 

1st – LAU Byblos

2nd – USJ


Men’s Volleyball 

1st – USJ Alumni

2nd – USEK


Men’s Futsal 

1st – USJ

2nd – USEK


Women’s Futsal 

1st – USJ

2nd – AUST


Women’s Basketball 

1st – USEK

2nd – USJ Alumni


Men’s Basketball 

1st – USJ

2nd – University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)


Women’s Handball 

1st – AUB

2nd – USJ


Men’s Handball 

1st – USJ

2nd – LAU Alumni


Men’s Table Tennis

1st – Bassel Harb – LIU

2nd – Habib Antouna – UA

3rd – Elie Joe Abdel Nour – UA

3rd – Marc Karam – NDU


Women’s Table Tennis

1st – Mayssa Bsaibes – NDU

2nd – Nina Markarian – LAU Beirut

3rd – Anna Markarian – HU

3rd – Marya Sadek – LAU Byblos


Women’s Cross-Country

1st – Dana Abou Saleh USJ

2nd – Elena Grissom AUB

3rd – Fatima Mouzahem LAU Beirut

4th – Sandra Boueiz LAU Beirut

5th – Eliane Chwairim AUB


Men’s Cross-Country

1st– Hussein Zayat LIU

2nd – Habib Aime Hatem USJ

3rd – Zakaria Harouki LIU

4th – Haddar Issa AUB

5th – Remy Roisnel AUB


Women’s Swimming

1st – AUB

2nd – USJ


Men’s Swimming

1st – LAU Byblos

2nd – USJ