4 Gold and 6 Silver Medals for LAU Byblos at Eurocomillas Tournament in Madrid

22 Nov. 2015 – LAU Byblos ended its participation in the Eurocomillas sports tournament in Madrid with a total of 4 gold and 6 silver medals!

Great results for the Lebanese university at this international tournament, they made us nothing short of proud!

In addition to the results posted yesterday, here are the rest of the athletes who grabbed medals for LAU.

First, Jad Slaiby won the tennis tournament thus awarding LAU the gold medal, while Kim Saade got a silver one by finishing second in the women category.

The girls futsal team on the other hand crashed out in the quarter finals, following 2 victories and a draw in the groups stage. One of their victories was due to the other team forfeiting.

Finally, LAU’s swimmers were no doubt the best at the tournament, as Maroun Waked grabbed 3 gold medals and Charlie Salameh 2 silver medals, finishing second behind Maroun! Moreover, the men relay team added another silver medal to the record.

Adding these results to Maria Sadek’s silver medal in table tennis and the basketball’s team silver medal, it makes a total of 4 gold and 6 silver medals for LAU! Well done!