3rd Middle Eastern Wakeboard Championship Results

27 Jul. 2015 – The 3rd Middle Eastern wakeboard championship was taking place in Lebanon, on July 25th and 26th, at ATCL with a large number of participants and a big crowd following the event!

Here are the results:

Lebanese Wakeboard Championship: 

Boys 14 & Under:
1- Karim Azar
2- Romain Deslandes
3- Karl Ghazy

Junior Women 18 & Under:
1- Emma Ghazy
2- Ariane El Gemayel

Junior Men & Under:
1- Jeffrey Maaraoui
2- Georges Ghazy
3- Walid El Bon

Open Women:
1- Raya Azar
2- Mia Ighniades
3- Ginasta Aoun

Open Men:
1- Tarek Abou Maachar
2- Rawad Abou Maachar
3- Georges Assouad

Lebanese Open Ski Jump Championship:

1- Silvio Chiha
2- Tarek Abou Maachar
3- Naim Neninos

Lebanese Wakesurf Championship:

Open Women:
1- Mia Ighniades
2- Raya Azar
3- Emma Ghazy

Open Men:
1- Edmond El Darazy
2- Tarek Abou Maachar
3- Walid El Bon