38th Rally Of Lebanon: Roger FEGHALI won his 12th title!

08 Sep. 2015 – Roger FEGHALI and his copilot Joseph MATTAR on the Ford Fiesta R5 won the 38th edition of Rally Lebanon, organized by ATCL on four consecutive days. The length of the Rally is 840.71 km. This edition was considered as the 4th round of the Middle East Rally Championship.

Roger FEGHALI dominated the Rally after the withdrawal of the Qatari, Naser ATIYA, after going off the course on the 3rd stage on Saturday. ATIYA was ranked first before withdrawing. FEGHALI easily won the Rally leaving behind him a challenge for the second place between the Lebanese drivers, while the majority of the Arab drivers withdrew from the Rally: the Kuwaiti Saleh BIN IDAN, the Qataris Khaled SWEIDI and Rached NAIME.

This is the 12th Rally of Lebanon title for Roger FEGHALI, a record performance for the Lebanese driver. Thirteen drivers crossed the finish line when at the beginning of the Rally, they were 33 competing cars!

Roger FEGHALI and his copilot Joseph MATTAR won the RS 2 category and the Cup of the Night Stage. Nicolaos AMYOUNI and Elie MOUSALLEM won the RS 2 N4 category and the N Category title of the Middle East Rally Championship. Robert AARAJ and Samer SFEIR won the RS 3 category of the Front wheel drive. Nassib NASSAR and Rony MAROUN won the RS 4 category title. Patrick NJEIM and Charbel KENAAN won the RS 5 category title. Tamer GHANDOUR and Salim JALILATI won the Standing Cup.

Patrick NJEIM won the Cup of the youth driver in Lebanon and in the Middle East and Dolin CHLINK won the Cup of the youth Stage in both Lebanon and the Middle East.

First 10 Driver’s Ranking after the 5th Stage:

  1. Roger Feghali and Joseph Mattar (Lebanon) – Ford Fiesta R5: 2:28.13
  2. Nicolaos Amyouni and Elie Mousallem (Lebanon) – Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 10: 2:34.22
  3. Tamer Ghandour and Salim Jalilati (Lebanon) – Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 10: 2:34.38
  4. Rodrigue Al Rahi and Nabih Abdallah (Lebanon) – Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9: 2:36.46
  5. Robert Kenaan and Samer Sfeir (Lebanon) – Citroen DS3: 2:47.05
  6. Emile Abou Karam and Thierry Rouhana (Lebanon) – Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9: 2:50.08
  7. Rony Kanaan (Lebanon) and Katy Dorosso (France) – Renault Clio R3: 2:59.01
  8. Elie Nehme and Louay Sakr (Lebanon) – Renault Clio R3: 2:59.14
  9. Micharry Al Zafiri (Kuwait) and Carlos Hanna (Lebanon) – Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9: 3:01.30
  10. Walid Chlink and Dolin Chlink (Lebanon) – Renault Clio R3: 3:03.51