38th Rally of Lebanon: End of Day 1

05 Sep. 2015 – The 38th Rally of Lebanon, organized by ATCL, started on Friday night and will continue to Sunday. September 6.

The Super Special Stage was held on the RMP circuit where 33 participant took part in this race. Every driver completed 2.560 km (two laps) in a thrilling atmosphere of excitement and on a night of fog where the participants delivered breath taking drives. The full length of the race is 840.71 km, 244.26km are only dedicated for the speed races.

Now that the first day came to an end and the second round is still happening at the moment, the drivers will still have one day which is tomorrow, Sunday 6th, to complete the different stages of this Rally. They will be completing 6 stages for today and will still have 6 more for tomorrow before completing the 840.71 km!

Good Luck for everyone!