2nd Middle Eastern Wakeboard Championship 2014

WAKEBOARD, Sep 14 – The 2nd edition of the Middle Eastern Wakeboard Championship was held in ATCL on the 13 and 14 September 2014. They were few competitors, but the spectators were many.

The competition started in the morning and was done by midday, when the Stars of Florida concluded with a variety of waterskiing and wakeboarding shows, before the medal ceremony starts.

The president of the Lebanese Olympic Committee (LOC) M. Jean HAMMAM and the Secretary General of the LOC, General Hassan ROUSTOM, were present at the event.

Only five countries took part in the championship; Egypt, Bahrein, UAE, Kuwait and Lebanon the host country.

The Egyptian sisters; Dahab LUXOR and Sina LUXOR dominated the Girls and Open Women categories respectively. Edwin ARIDA from Lebanon won the juniors men’s category.

The atmosphere of this event was “cozy and confortable” for the riders as Raya AZAR said. The event, mainly sponsored by red bull, Beirut Beer, United and many others, was very well organized. No surprises that the ATCL bay was full of people.

Raya Azar 19, is one of the very talented Lebanese girls in Wakeboarding. She trains with her sister Tala who took 2nd place in the Middle Eastern Championship and first in the Lebanese one. Raya was 3rd in the Middle Eastern one and 2nd in the Lebanese competition. Both Championships were held at the same time.

“I’m very dedicated for this sport. It is like my first target even before school”, said Raya. She wakes up at 5 am to go training according to her study classes in AUB.

Raya did the 1st round much better than the final. Last year she took first place at this championship. Her next target is to improve and practice her back flip before targeting higher competitions. Raya lived in Ghana before coming to Lebanon 2 years ago. She started wakeboarding at 14.

They weren’t many women participating in this championship; Raya encourages Lebanese girls to try this sport. Now she is teaching her friends!