250 Players Go Head to Head In the Sixth Anne-Marie Abed El Karim Tournament

06 May.2017–  In the first phase of the sixth annual female basketball tournament to win the “Anne Marie Abed El Karim Cup” organized by Hoops Club in Beirut, Hazmieh and Michel Al Murr Sports Complex in Bouchrieh for the age groups 1999-2000, 2001-2002, 2003-2004, with the participation of More than 250 players from Energie Al-Zouq clubs, Al Taadod Beirut, Antranik Beirut, Chiyah Sports, Homenetmen Antelias, Mouttahed Tripoli, Riyadi Beirut, Nadim Souaid Academy, Holy Family School, Hadath and Pro Basketball academy, here were the results:

Category 1999-2000:

Hoops Beirut 42-21 Energy Zook        Dima Chahin (Hoo), best scorer with 24 points.

Chiyah Sports 34-10 Al Taadod Beirut    Tracy Najem (Chi), best scorer with 16 points.

Category 2001-2002:

Hoops Beirut 80-14 Al Taadod Beirut   Stephanie Achkar (Hoo), best scorer with 23 points.

Energy Zouk 33-25 Homenetmen Antelias   Yara Bou Hareb (Ene), best scorer with 11 points.

Hoops Meten 30-14 Pro Basketball   Wazya Kobach (Hoo), best scorer with 9 points.

Riyadi Beirut 45-16 Mouttahed Tripoli           Nour Ghosen (Riy), best scorer with 15 points.

Category 2003-2004:

Hoops Beirut 44-19 Pro Basketball      Amar Mansour (Hoo), best scorer with 19 points.

Energy Zouk 42-25 Hoops Meten         Yara Bou Hareb (Ene), best scorer with 16 points.

Al Taadod Beirut 28-18 Mouttahed Tripoli   Shahed Ezzel Din (Taa), best scorer with 9 points.