2017 Women Clubs WABA Championship Schedule

22 May. 2017 – Two Lebanese women basketball teams, Homenetmen & Riyadi, are going to represent Lebanon in the 2017 WABA Championship for women clubs.

There is no doubt that both will heavily compete for the title, just like they did in the Lebanese final.

Here’s their schedule at the tournament:


  • Riyadi vs Palestine at 5:00 P.M
  • Homenetmen vs Jordan at 7:00 P.M


  • Homenetmen vs Palestine at 5:00 P.M
  • Riyadi vs Jordan at 7:00 P.M


  • Riyadi vs Homenetmen at 5:00 P.M
  • Jordan vs Palestine at 7:00 P.M


  • Semi finals: 1st vs 4th and 2nd vs 3rd


  • Final