2017 WABA Clubs Schedule

11 Mar. 2017 – Two Lebanese teams are representing Lebanon in Jordan in the West Asian championship.

You will find below their schedule:

  • Sunday 12 :

Naft vs Seriyat Ramallah at 3 Pm
Petrochimi vs Riyadi at 5 Pm
Sagesse vs Mina at 7 Pm

  • Monday 13:

Riyadi vs Naft at 3 Pm
Seriyat Ramallah vs Petrochimi at 5 Pm
Al Mina vs Chimidor at 7 Pm


  • Tuesday 14:

Naft vs Petrochimi at 3 Pm
Riyadi vs Ramallah at 5 Pm
Sagesse vs Chimidor at 7 Pm.
Let’s wish our Lebanese teams all the best in this tournament. May it be an injury free one.