2017 WABA Clubs Championship: Riyadi vs Petrochimi Result

12 Mar. 2017- After losing their point guard due to an injury, Riyadi left to Jordan with 8 players. Ken Brown, Aminu, Jean Abdelnour, Roy Samaha, Joey Zaloum, Amir Saoud, Ali Haidar and Karim Zeinoun.
Despite the lack of depth in their roster, the Lebanese Champions managed to end Q1 in their favor 29-19.
They took the lead from the very beginning of the game and forced their tempo to end the half 50-32.

Despite reducing the lead to 6 points, Riyadi were able to end the game 85-66.

Finally Sagesse will play Al Mina at 7.

Congratulations Riyadi and good luck Sagesse.