2017 Naqoura 10 Km Run Results

23 Mar. 2017- In a unique location, Elite Running Club in collaboration with Sportscode organized the 2017 Naqoura 10 Km Run. More than 550 participants from different clubs took part in this amazing event. They crossed a long distance to enjoy the run and even challenge others to beat their time.

Timingcode, using high-tech timing systems, were there to provide the participants with an accurate timing and results.

You can find below the Top 3 overall results for both categories:

01. Awad Sherefat – Jordan      31:50 minutes
02. Moussa  Hodroj- Elite Running Club    31:55 minutes
03. Hussein  Kays  – Army   33:28 minutes


01. Aregu Abate – Ethiopia   38:48 minutes
Nadine Kalot – Inter-Lebanon    43:09 minutes
Maria Kiwan  – University of Balamand   43:28 minutes

For the full results please follow the link: http://bit.ly/2nGzK1C

You can also check the best moments of this event through this video:

Here’s what the runners said after the race: