2017 LBL Playoffs – Riyadi vs Byblos: What is Each Team’s Main Advantage?

05 May. 2017 – Today, at 5:30 P.M, Riyadi will host Byblos in game 1 of their semi final series in the Lebanese basketball league. Their regular season games ended in favor of the yellows, who are surely come up as favorites in that confrontation.

Winning the series would mean revenge for Byblos, as they would avenge their loss against Riyadi in the LBL finals a couple of years back, while Riyadi are looking to retain their title and block any upset from coach Nenad’s players.

Going into that matchup, Riyadi’s advantage is having Jean Abdelnour, the best defender in the league on their side. When Jay or Clay get their game going, there is no stopping them from hitting their shots and so a tenacious defender is required. Jean is the one in that role and he has clearly showed that throughout the season. Take for example his defense on Fadi El Khatib. In the second game where Homenetmen won, Abdelnour managed to limit Fadi El Khatib to just 8 points. Byblos is not a team that has the same scoring power such as Homenemten, so stopping either Tucker or Youngblood will make it extremely hard for them to win.

On the other hand, for Byblos it’s all about Clay Tucker. Jay has showed that he is consistent so you can expect him to drop a minimum of 20 points even on a bad shooting night. But Tucker has clearly become a better player in the knockout stages which helped his team see Tadamon off 3-1. In that series, he averaged 27.25 points per game, alongside 5.5 rebounds and 4.25 assists. What makes it even more remarkable is the fact that he only committed 7 turnovers over the whole series!

This series is going to be really exciting, we can expect both teams to put on a great basketball show and leave it all out there on the court. Good luck.