2016 Tripoli International “Half Marathon” Results!

08 May. 2016 – The Lebanese Northern city of Tripoli was hosting the half marathon organized by “Maan Loubnan” today, with the goal to support children suffering from cancer!

A large crowd was present today, with the day full of fun events and music in addition to the race. Moreover, international runners were also participating in the 21.1 kilometers race!

Afram Kinara from Kenya won the race while his Kenyan teammate Tijan Firam finished second. In the Lebanese racers category, first place went to Zaher Zein El Dine and Bilal Awada finished second!

On the other hand, in the women’s category, Kenya’s Yay got first place and Tatajin (Kenya) came second.

These results were for the 21.1 kilometers race while on the other hand, the results of the 7k race were as following.

01. Ali Souidan
02. Osmat Ghozeiri

01. Alaa Chlaylat
02. Asma El Helo

Special Needs (21.1k):
01. Georges Wehbi
02. Ahmad El Ghoul