2016 Mike Sport Inter Clubs Tennis Tournament!

27 Nov. 2016 – The 2016 Mike Sport Inter Clubs Tennis Tournament was taking place at Mont La Salle courts, with young athletes giving all they have in order to secure the gold medal.

In the U18 boys category, there were some epic battles as ATCL managed to defeat MLS 3-0 to claim the cup.

First, Ralph Tohme (ATCL) defeated Pierre Djaroueh (MLS) 6-0 7-6. Secondly, Roey Tabet (ATCL) beat Karl Berberian (MLS) 6-2 6-3, before the duo Tohme-Tabet secured a doubles win also for ATCL with a 6-1 7-6 victory against Djaroueh-Chehab.