2015 U16 FIBA Asia: Lebanon’s amazing journey came to an end after losing to Korea!

05 Oct. 2015- Lebanon lost to Korea in the 2015 U16 FIBA Asia to end an amazing journey for our young national team. This result was expected by the national team coach Salim CHEMALY who was targeting the quarterfinals.

Korea started the game with a gap of 6 points at the end of Q1, the gap was extended and reached 15 points at halftime. Our national team tried to bounce back in Q3 and reduced the gap to 9 points only but unfortunately, we failed to match up with the Koreans in the last quarter. Lebanon lost 79-105 to Korea.

Here are the game stats:


Here’s the game shot charts:


We would like to thank all the players for their tremendous efforts in this championship. We are proud of you.