2015 Bhamdoun Independence Race – “Honor, Sacrifice and Loyalty”

16 Nov. 2015- Today, they ran for every soldier who is sacrificing his life in order to protect a whole country and its citizens. They ran for an army who never give up, for strong and brave soldiers who offer their lives for our safety. They ran with pride to thank those soldiers for their effort, dedication, and commitment. For Lebanon, for ONE Lebanon, for a better Lebanon!

Today, they also ran for every country in need, for every victim of the cruelty of the world, for every tear dropped on innocents’ faces. They ran all together to say no to racism and no to terrorism; the ran for humanity!

More than 10 schools participated today in Bhamdoun Annual Race in the occasion of the Lebanese Independence Day. This event was organized by Federation of Jourd El Aala – Bhamdoun Municipalities in collaboration with the Youth and Sports Directorate.

The Lebanese Army Chief General Jean Kahwaji was represented by General Pierre Assaf in this event. Boys and girls from all ages participated in different races with distances varying between 500 m and 1500 m.

Antonins Club Baabda was the club with the highest number of medals. As for the longer distance races where the Lebanese army athletes took part, the results came as following:

01- Azmat Ghrayzi
02- Omar Issa
03- Hussein Kays

Article by: Tamara Awada