2014 Nanjing Youth Olympics – 8x100m Mixed Team Relay Qualifications: Sara Joe Kortbawi 4th

Sara Joe Kortbawi finished her 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympics participation by grabbing the 4th place in the 8x100m mixed team relay qualifications.

Sara teamed up with Ferlin Luchin Paolla, Halime Mazou Abba Koura, Mate Isabel, Zotau Valery, Borkowski Mateusz, Saenbuakham Saran and CHENG Po-Yu to finish the race in 1:45.92 minute 2.4 seconds behind the leaders.

Note that Sara participated in the 800 meters races and finished 2nd in the 800 meters race final C.

Thank you Sara Joe Kortbawi for representing Lebanon! With your hard work and determination you can make it to the top. We are proud of you.