2014 Lebanese Volleyball: Bouchrieh Defeats Zahra and Leads the Final

Zahra welcomed Bouchrieh in the 2014 Lebanese Volleyball final series Game 1! Seeing a full court of Zahra supporters before the game only confirms that volleyball is on its way back to glory!  We can’t help but respect both teams that made this championship even more interesting to watch.

Back to the game, both teams offered the Lebanese volleyball lovers one of the best final game for a long time. The beginning was exceptional, the 2 teams needed more than 25 points to win the 1st set. The teams refused to accept the loss in this exciting set but Bouchrieh clinched its victory, 38-36 to lead the game 1-0.

After losing the 1st set, the home team fought hard to win 25-21, leaving the game tied 1-1 after the 2nd set. Zhara’s players showed an even stronger performance in the 3rd set and wins 25-19 to lead the game 2-1.

Bouchrieh was under pressure and Zhara’s players were banking on the 4th set to be their last chance to win the game. Anyone could’ve thought that Zahra would win, but things took a different turn. Bouchrieh players’ determination taught Zahra a big lesson where the guest team was able to win the 4th set 27-25 (the game is tied 2-2) and the 5th set 15-13.

Bouchrieh won the game and lead this amazing final series 1-0!