2014 Beirut Marathon – Live Updates

12:22 P.M: It’s a wrap here in Beirut, thank you everyone for following us today. We will be back at 7:00 P.M !

12:19 P.M: Here is Edward Maalouf on the podium! A true champion!


12:17 P.M:
The age categories are going to get their awards at 7:00 P.M !

11:57 A.M: Chirine Njeim on the podium! Congratulations!


11:54 A.M: Rita Saade wins the Henry Chalhoub award!

11:53 A.M:
Here is another shot from the podium!


11:33 A.M: Check this interview with Maxime Chaya, Haile Gebreselassie and May Khalil

11:31 A.M: Here are the winners of the 42 KM on the podium!


11:07 A.M: Manal Tayar from Jamhour finished 4th in the 10 KM women’s race.

11:06 A.M: 10 KM race men unofficial results: 01. Ali Swaydan 02. Darwich Hadid 03. Alaa Al Sayed

11:05 A.M: 10 KM race women unofficial results: 01. Lea Iskandar 02.Maria Milevskaya 03. Zainab Sahib.

10:51 A.M – Haile Gebrselassie: ” The atmosphere is great and I am really happy to be here. The weather should be colder for the runners, so I suggest changing the marathon date. Moreover, the Beirut marathon should be a silver and not bronze one”


10:26 A.M: Here is a picture of the women’s winner Chirine Njeim!


10:20 A.M – Sonia Hanna: ” I would like to dedicate this really hard race to my husband and kids, and congratulations to Chirine who was truly the best today!”

10:10 A.M:
Chirine Njeim finishes in 1st place, 15 seconds behind her sister’s record. Sonia came in 2nd place.

9:59 A.M:
According to trusted sports961 sources, it seems Chirine Njeim is not eyeing the record, but only first place, because she ran the Chicago marathon 3 weeks ago so she cannot push herself beyond the limits.

9:49 A.M: Chirine Njeim might be on her way to break the women record in the 42 KM race! Her time looks promising so far…

9:40 A.M:
Omar Issa finished the 42 KM 1st amongst the Lebanese, while Nicolas Marta was in 2nd place also amongst the Lebanese runners.


9:29 A.M: New women record in the 42 KM with Mourhabat Gatte. She clocked 2 hours 29 minutes and 15 seconds! Well done!


9:24 A.M:
Osmat Ghrayzi wins the Relay race for his team!

9:13 A.M: Picallo Girma finishes the 42 KM race in first place, clocking 2 hours 12 minutes and 26 seconds.


9:12 A.M:
We salute and thank the Red Cross who is always present and ready to help!


9:07 A.M: The 42 KM race is nearing its end, will the record be broken?!

8:54 A.M: All eyes are on Manal Tayar in the 10 KM race. Sandy Karam and Joelle Feghali are also expected to compete for a place on the podium.

8:52 A.M – Edward Maalouf: “I am satisfied with the result, and I will be targeting a gold medal at the Rio Paralympic games if I get the required support”

8:50 A.M: The competitive 10 KM race just started!

8:38 A.M: Here is the Lebanese-Olympic champion Edward Maalouf!


8:30 A.M: The 1 KM parents and kids race is now underway!

8:27 A.M – Sara Joe Kortbawi: “I am very happy to finish the race in less than 19 minutes. I am also delighted to get 1st place among both Lebanese and foreign runners”. Well done Sara!


8:17 A.M:
Sara Joe Kortbawi finished 1st among the girls in the 5K race!

8:11 A.M – Edward Maalouf: “It was a tough marathon since, I had to manage my energy for each stage of the marathon”

8:08 A.M: Edward Maalouf finishes the special needs race in second place, first among the Lebanese participants! Well done!

8:05 A.M: Every person is running for a specific cause! Share with us yours using the hashtag #Run961 !


8:01 A.M: The first wheelchair runner has arrived, clocking 1 hour and 10 minutes!

7:50 A.M:
The 5 KM race is now underway!

7:39 A.MMaxime Chaya: “Sport is an umbrella under which everybody has equal rights, sport unifies, and we all know what the benefits are”

7:35 A.M: The Lebanese elite runners!


7:17 A.M: The 5 KM race will start at 7:50 A.M !

7:13 A.M: Don’t forget to share your pictures with us on social media through the hashtag #Run961 !

7:04 A.M: Here is a shot from the 42 KM race start!


7:00 A.M: The 42 KM has started! Good luck to all participants…

6:52 A.M: The special needs race started!


6:51 A.M –  May Khalil: 40 000 runners are going to participate in the Beirut Marathon this year!

6:45 A.M:
15 minutes to go! Can you feel the excitement?


6:00 A.M: 1 hour left till the start of the Beirut Marathon. Stay tuned to follow all the action live on sports961.

12:00 A.M:
 7 hours left till the start of the 2014 Beirut Marathon.. Are you ready?? This is the Marathon live updates where you can find all what you need to know before, during and after the Marathon.


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