1875 USJ Basketball club moves to the 4th division

08 Dec. 2015 – Just after receiving the certification of a club, 1875 USJ club was able to win the 5th division basketball championship and move to the fourth division!

The club, that received the certification in June, had hard times finding basketball players while the rest of the teams were almost complete. The team was finally formed by Patrick SABA as the head coach, and players with experience in basketball but who didn’t play for a long time and promising students with no experience.

Patrick SABA was able to create a good team in a very short time. The team defeated the strong ISF to take the lead of the second group and move to the second round where they faced Active Kfardebian, the leaders of their group, and the leaders of group 10, Chiyah Club. 1875 USJ team lost against Chiyah in 55-44 but was able to defeat Active Kfardebian in 58-48 to finally move to the fourth division!

1975 USJ team is targetting the second division in two seasons ahead.