Asian Games: Lebanon’s history of achievements

The 17th Asian Games Incheon 2014 came to an end for Lebanon as all of the athletes have done their duty by representing Lebanon in these games.

Lebanon was represented by 41 athletes who competed in 12 different sports categories such as Athletics, Boxing, Canoe Kayak, Cycling, Fencing, Judo, Rugby, Shooting, Swimming, Table Tennis, Taekwondo and Wushu.

Before stating our athlete results, we will take you on a trip to Lebanon’s history of achievements in the Asian Games. Lebanon’s first medal in the Asian Games was silver and was grabbed in 1982, our country was ranked 17th out 24 participating countries back then. After that, Lebanon unfortunately did not win any medals until 2002 where Mohammed Anouti gave our country the first gold medal in Body Building. Lebanon was then ranked 27th out of 38 participating countries.

In 2006, Lebanon was represented by 15 athletes who were able to bring 3 medals (1 gold and 2 bronze). Jean Claude Rabbat secured a gold medal in men’s high Jump, Cosette Basbous got a bronze medal in Taekwando and a bronze medal for the Lebanese shooting trap team Joseph Hanna, Abdo Al-Yazgie and Joe Salem. Lebanon was ranked 26th out of 38 participating countries!

In 2010, the Asian Games was held in Guangzhou, China with the participation of 49 Lebanese athletes. Lebanon was ranked 32nd out of 36 countries with 3 medals (1 silver and 2 bronze). Once again our shooting trap team Joseph Hanna, Abdo Al-Yazgie and Joe Salem grabbed a silver medal this time. Joe Salem was also able to grab a bronze medal for Lebanon in the Men’s Trap and the 2nd bronze medal was secured by Andrea Paoli in Taekwondo.

So with this fast trip throughout history we can conclude that our medals in the Asian Games came from 3 different sports: Athletics, Taekwondo and Shooting!

Back to this year results, Lebanon secured a silver medal and a bronze medal. The silver was secured by Elias Nacif in Judo as the bronze was secured by Elias Hedary in Taekwondo! Lebanon was ranked 36th out of 37 participating teams.

On the other hand, Walid El Najjar came 4th in the men’s Trap as the men’s Trap team secured 5th place with 1 point behind 3rd place. Dominique Tannous was ranked 5th in Fencing.

Taekwondo and Shooting are the main sports where Lebanon can meet the Asian level. The other medals were achieved by having exceptional talents like Jean Claude Rabbat or someone who’s training outside of Lebanon like Elias Nacif and Dominique Tannous.

Unfortunately since 2006, we haven’t been progressing very far! Instead of improving our sports, we are still counting on the personal athletes’ effort and exceptional talent with no plans for the advancement of the Sports for our country! Hopefully things will change soon!